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About us

Etimad is a new generation of loyalty programs for users to benefit from the most attractive offers in the market, and also for businesses to grow in a very volatile and competitive environment. Our core business is partnering with businesses to deliver their goods and services to their customers in the smoothest and most cost-effective way: discounts.

As a business, never consider a discount as a cost, actually, it is the most beneficial way to attract and gain your customers trust and loyalty.

Etimad is your digital platform to introduce or extend your goods and services in the marketplace with exclusive offers.

Why us ?

Because whether you are a user or a seller, you make always benefit with us.

As a user, Etimad gets you unlimited exclusive offers to streamline your experience as a customer for your favourite companies and brands. You will be now able not only to purchase your goods and services with the best prices, but also to gain points on every actions you take through us, either you purchase, review, share or interact on Etimad.

And as a business, Etimad boosts your customer retention; we make of your leads regular customers. In fact, Etimad aims to build a loyalty bond between your business and your target audience; we work on always keeping you close to your audience through our platforms by attracting them with the best offers in the market.

Our Services

Loyalty Programs

Etimad is a company that operates in the industry of loyalty cards allowing vendors and companies to build a loyalty bond with their leads and customers.
Our activity is based on digital platforms introducing you an innovative way to grow your business in this turbulent digital environment with an effective budget to reach your target audience and beyond.

Offers deployment

Besides our core business of digital loyalty cards, we operate as a direct touch point between your business and the public audience to raise awareness of your brand, through highlighting your offers in the Ads banner and recommending you to your target audience.

Lead reaching

Our robust SEO tool system guide us directly to define the adequate model of leads to your business and attract them to most likely become regular customers.

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Etimad is a platform that gathers all shops in a single application to streamline the purchase process and get discounts and offers for all users on goods or services they select. For more details read section Who we are.

Etimad welcomes any business or company to be our partner and display their products on our platform. The process is very easy, and takes only few minutes. You can simply register your application through our platforms, afford the papers required to identify your corporate name and activity, and submit the application. Our team will respond to your submission within a period of 2-5 days. Good luck.

Now you can purchase any product through our platform, by downloading our application and create your profile to buy with the best offers and earn points to get rewards. You can select the product by looking for it in the search browser space, or define it by shop or category or any other specification as we afford you the filters section. Etimad affords you the current offers. In case there’s no offer on your selected products, you can also buy a discount code from our vouchers section.

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